The 3M™ Window Film Advantage - Sun Control Film

Solar Concepts exclusively carries premium 3M™ Window Film

Looking to enhance the performance of the windows in your home? Choose 3M™ window films. Since inventing window films in 1966, 3M™ has never stopped working on innovative new ideas that have changed the very concept of what your windows can do. Solar Concepts is proud to be a certified member of the 3M™ Prestige Dealer network, and we’re the Indianapolis area’s premier source for 3M™ window films. We carry them exclusively, and it’s not hard to see why – their industry-leading blend of durability, performance, and function are unmatched. Read on to learn more about the endless benefits of 3M™ window films.

Our selection of 3M™ window films deliver unbeatable window film solutions for Indianapolis homes and businesses alike. Each of our window films feature:

Fade Control

You may not realize it, but UV rays damage a whole lot more than your skin. Sunlight can also cause the fabrics, furniture, and other precious belongings to fade. 3M™ window films add a layer of UV protection to your space that will keep the priceless things inside of it beautiful for years to come

Energy Efficiency

You love how your windows show off a beautiful view and bring lots of natural light into your space, but they can also create challenges when it comes to keeping your property comfortable year round. Our range of 3M™ window films help to regulate the temperature in your home or business, which does more than keep your space comfortable – it also lowers your energy bills. Even better, commercial clients may earn LEED credits by reducing their carbon emissions.


Making sure that your home or commercial property is comfortable year round can be a challenge. Our 3M™ window films provide home and business owners in the Indianapolis area with an energy efficient solution! Choosing a top quality window film will improve your insulation, reduce hot and cold spots, and reduce your energy usage. Better yet, they’ll reduce glare and cut down on your exposure to harmful UV rays.

Safety and Security

Protecting your home or business from intruders means paying close attention to your windows. As the weakest point of entry in your building, your windows are susceptible to both break-ins and projectiles. Our 3M™ safety and security films make your windows impenetrable and keep your property safe.


There are certain areas of your home or business that you’ll want to keep prying eyes away from. Solar Concepts carries 3M™ privacy window films that enhance the privacy in your space without sacrificing style or function. Just like our other 3M™ films, our privacy films come in an array of elegant finishes that let in plenty of natural light.

3M™ Sun Control Window Film Prestige Series

As a member of 3M™’s Prestige Dealer Network, you can count on Solar Concepts to provide a level of expertise and service that you can’t find anywhere else. This extends to our specialty offerings, including 3M™ Prestige Series sun control films. Prestige Series films add additional sun protection, blocking up to 97% of infrared light, while allowing even more natural light into your space. The result is more energy savings, enhanced comfort, greater protection from damaging UV rays, and elegant aesthetics. For the ultimate in sun protection and style, be sure to ask about 3M™ Prestige Series films.