Commercial Window Tinting

Heat, Fade, and Glare Control

Indianapolis area’s premier Commercial window tint installer

Solar Concepts is the Indianapolis area’s premier window tint installer. We’ve been trusted by some of the area’s most prestigious businesses to make their property safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient. Our premium 3M™ window tints and films provide security and style without breaking the bank.

Our films are eco-friendly

Our window tints and films can’t be beat for eco-friendly effectiveness. Our tints and films help you boost your property’s energy efficiency and control the indoor temperature. With these films, you’re able to enjoy lots of natural sunlight, but with up to 70% less heat. By lowering your heating and cooling bills, your window films will pay for themselves in just three to five years. We also help you lower your carbon emissions. In fact, our commercial tints and films are considered LEED appropriate by the US Green Building Council.

Our films also keep you, your people, and your belongings safe. They reduce irritating glare, which can lead to eye problems over time, and they block 99.9% of skin-damaging UV rays. UV rays can harm your furniture and belongings, too.

subtle & elegant aesthetics

Of course, aesthetics matter. Window tints and films of the past often had unsightly dark or reflective appearances. Today’s 3M™ window films combine a subtle, elegant look with high performance protection. All of our films provide high visibility light transmission and low reflectivity – which is to say, they let in lots of natural light while also keeping your business protected.

We stand behind our tints & films

We stand behind the quality of our tints and films with a robust warranty. Our warranty is backed by 3M™, the industry leader in window films and tints. We fully guarantee your satisfaction, and we’ll be there for any needed repairs or replacements throughout the years.

It’s time to make your business run better. Call Solar Concepts today to learn more about what we can do for your building.