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Residential Window Tint Simulator

Do the windows in your Carmel area home let in too much light? At Solar Concepts, we specialize in window tints that tone down the strength and brightness of the sun’s rays, so you can stay comfortable. Our window tints prevent up to 97% of the sun’s infrared heat (900-1,000 nm) from entering your home, reducing your air-conditioning costs and preserving the cosmetic integrity of the windows. Tinted windows are stronger and let in less light that will deteriorate the furniture, draperies, and other precious items in your home. Your home will look great and be better protected from the sun with our window tints.

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Commercial Window Tint Simulator

Want to darken your company’s windows for better security? How about adding a little color to the windows to make them pop? Solar Concepts is a premier commercial window tinting company in Carmel.  We offer a wide range of window tints and films with  a variety of uses – privacy, security, energy savings, and more. Our window tint services are guaranteed to help your business. We use the top of the line 3M window film for all installations, so you are always getting quality that is designed to last.

If you aren’t sure what tint will look good with the building’s architecture, we can help! Our commercial window tint simulator allows you to test out our various window films and tints to see what they look like on your building. That way, you can visualize what your building looks like before making a decision. Find the perfect match for all of your company’s needs. Click through below to see your many options.

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