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Ouch….Ooch….Yikes…it’s too bright in here!


This tenant had tremendous sun glare and reflection off the lake as well as parking lot.  Window blinds helped but not completely.

The Property manager did not want reflective film on the outside that would make the building look any different…..what to do?


Solar Concepts applied 3M Color Stable 20 window tint to reduce 80% of the sun glare……AHHHH that’s better.  No more sun glare on computer screens!!…good bye headaches and employee absentees!! Hello comfort and increased productivity.

REMEMBER: Anytime you have a solar or safety control issue, we have what you need!  We handle a variety of frosted appliqués, designer films and logo’s as well as CLEAR window film/tints that stop heat.  Call Team Solar Concepts at (317)335-3100 or contact us at bill@solarconcepts1.com for more exciting reviews www.solarconcepts1.com.