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Indianapolis Museum of Art, Sun Control Issue Solved


The Indianapolis Museum of Art had a real solar control problem.  The large glass expanse/entry leading into the upper museum level was allowing too much Infrared Heat and Ultra Violet rays into the area.  Museum officials were concerned about a large wall painting loosing it’s color and luster as well as some artifacts from the 1800’s fading.  The glass expanse was installed to allow natural light into the upper level.  The Museum did not want to “tint” the glass.  They also wanted to keep a two way visibility in and out, so reflective window film was also nixed.


Solar Concepts was awarded the contract to apply 3MTM Window Film – Prestige Series.  This industrial strength window film will reject 99.9% Ultra Violet rays, 97% Infrared and 63% Total Solar Energy while still allowing 50% Visible Light to transmit through the glass.  “It was a no brainier”.  The glass is still very clear with only slight tint.  The artifacts are now protected from the suns damaging fade rays.  Temperature imbalance from hot to cold is dramatically  reduced and you can’t even tell the difference in glass appearance.


Anytime you have a solar or safety control issue, we have what you need!
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