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Solar Concepts is proud to introduce 3M’s innovative new Thinsulate™ window film, Climate Control 75. If you already have Thinsulate in your scarves, gloves, and hats, you know how well it protects against the cold. Climate Control 75 has captured the insulating power of Thinsulate in a window film. And if you live anywhere in Indianapolis, Carmel, Greenwood, or the surrounding area, we can install it on your windows.

So why do your windows need the insulation power of Thinsulate? As you know, your heating system works hard to keep your home or workplace warm in the winter time. Unfortunately, the heat it generates wants to escape and, as a result, your heating system may have to work overtime to keep you warm. Windows often offer the path of least resistance for escaping heat; they’re a big reason why many heaters have to work so hard.

Innovative Window Tint in Indianapolis

Installing Thinsulate Climate Control 75 film is like adding extra insulation to your windows – like turning a single-pane window into a double-pane, or a double-pane window into triple-pane; it’s very effective at keeping heat from escaping. Better yet: Climate Control 75 film provides the added benefit of shielding against the heat that comes through your windows in the summertime.

With Thinsulate window film, you’ll save on your utilities every month of the year. And you’ll get that benefit without the high cost and inconvenience of replacing your windows.

Want to learn more about what Thinsulate Climate Control 75 window film can do for you, your windows, and your utility bills? Simply call Solar Concepts at (317) 335-3100. We offer free estimates, and we’re proud to install the latest 3M window tints throughout Indianapolis, Carmel, Greenwood, and for miles around.